Alison Ballard

“Her Noise Archive: Symbol of Democracy or Communist Uprising?”

Alison Ballard is a cross-disciplinary artist whose work examines notions of power and presentations of truth through a range of films, installations and performances. Most frequently, Alison creates time-based experiences that assist audiences to engage with their environment in new ways, producing works that lie between disciplines in order to research how they share ideology, presentation and experience.

Alison regularly works in partnership with other artists and in November 2015 she was awarded the ‘Main Prize’ at the ‘Nottingham Castle Open’ for her work ‘Wasted Labour’, created in collaboration with Martin Lewis.

Previous exhibitions include Whitechapel Gallery (London), IMT (London), Silent Barn (New York), Bloc Projects (Sheffield), Barbican (London), Tenderpixel (London), SOMArts Cultural Centre (San Francisco) NURTUREart (New York) and HTMlles 11 (Montreal).

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