Lorraine’s practice utilises a multidisciplinary approach working with analogue and digital stills, audio and moving image.  Her interests lie in psychology, identity, aging, gender formation and socialisation which she expresses with imagery ranging from abstracts to the normalcy of the everyday.

“Inhale” is a dramatic blend of colourful abstract shots juxtaposed with moody cinematic portraits. These have been placed in a rhythmic sequence with pulsating audio to create and break down tension. Fragments of conversations overlap at the height of the tension before calm is restored with gentle breathing. The film features time lapse, stop motion animation and imagery that has been reworked digitally and by hand to comment on the passing of time and frailty of life.

The work explores female identity, sexuality, fertility, aging and the associated panic, fear and disappointment. It aims to draw the viewer in to feel the overwhelming anxiety that can be experienced by any difficulties life throws at us.


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