“Auroville Dream (Tales from the City)”

I use appropriated online visuals, stored in a digital archive which are reworked over
time. Through a process of continual sampling/recycling/layering new connections
evolve between the diverse elements of media images, Internet text/graphics and
smart phone photos.
Today’s constant saturation of images and information via 24/7 perpetual news
media and the continually updating Web where one image/ blog post/ Tweet etc. is
rapidly replaced by the next, is a central theme running through my practice.
Working within the mutability and interconnectedness of digital media acts as a
catalyst to evolve new ideas Digital space becomes an extension to my own
thinking space where ideas gradually emerge through process and via the
amalgamation of various visual information.
I use various open-source/ free and proprietary software in experimental ways
always working with a really limited set of digital tools discovered via many hours
exploring different options and possibilities. Serendipity offered by the medium is
pivotal and inspired by the alchemy of previous lithography and etching practice in
traditional printmaking.
Practice includes video, 3d animation, GIFs, code-based work and large format
digital prints.

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